Author Alert: Mem Fox

At the beginning of February 2017, I attended the Wisconsin State Reading Association conference. This event gave me the opportunity to network with other educators, learn new strategies to use with my students, and find some great "new" authors to bring back and share with students and their families. Our keynote speaker was Mem Fox. Mem has written dozens of high quality children's books, full of rich vocabulary, silliness, and beautiful illustrations. Below are a few of Mem's books that I'd recommend to our Turner families. Enjoy!

"Harriet, You'll Drive Me Wild!" by Mem Fox

Poor Harriet doesn't try to make mistakes. . .but unfortnately she makes a lot of mistakes. Her mother is very patient until she can't take it any longer. Poor Harriet! But in the end, Harriet and her mom are able to laugh and have fun together.

Fox, M. (2000). Harriet, you'll drive me wild! Orlando, FL: Harcourt, Inc.