Home Writing Resources

Model Writing:

One of the best ways to help your children become a writer is to model writing. Simple ways to model writing at home include:
  • Write a grocery list with your child's assistance
  • Address envelopes for bills at the kitchen table while your child colors
  • Write thank you cards with your child for gifts received
  • Call a family member to request a favorite recipe--write the recipe as you are listening to the instructions over the phone

Create a Graphic Novel:

The next time you go on a day trip, have your child take pictures of his adventures. Develop the pictures and ask your child write a caption for each of the pictures. The pictures and captions can then be pasted onto tag board or put into a photo album. A fun twist can be for your child to think of using the pictures to make his own graphic novel. (Idea from Scholastic)

Early Literacy Calendars:
The Beloit Public Library offers free calendars in the children's section every month that give an activity that parents and children can do together at home every day. Below are a few ideas from the June 2016 calendar, created by Abby Bussen, the Children's Librarian at Muskego Public Library, that will help promote writing.
  • Have your child "write" a letter to a loved one, whether it's actual letters, artful scribbling, or a drawing.
  • Point out the words on cereal boxes and other food packaging.
  • Ask your child to read you a picture book, making up their own story inspired by the pictures.
  • Let your child use his/her finger to practice letters and shapes in a thin layer of flour (or BBQ, ketchup or mustard).

If you have other great suggestions that can be added to the list, please send an email to Megan Nelson at nelsonm@turnerschools.org.